B&B Product Listing

Chimney Caps
Chimney Caps are devices attached to the top of the chimney to stop rain or animals from entering.They are typically made in copper, lead coated copper, stainless steel or terne coated stainless steel. Some people call the chimney crown a Chimney Cap.
Chimney Caps

Chimney Pots
A Chimney Pot is a decorative top piece to cover the flue liners on top of chimneys. It also increases ventilation and reduces smoke into the atmosphere.

Copper Bay Windows
Our Copper Bay Windows help to accentuate and establish the design and prestige of your home. Handcrafted to your precise specifications, this elegant piece creates and stylizes your home, making it stand apart from the rest in a big way.

A cornice is a projecting ornamental molding that finishes or crowns the top of a building, wall, arch, etc.

Cross Finials
B&B Crosses provide a brilliant and deferential spin to the manufacture of religious iconography. B&B’s pure and high grade metal crosses are noted for their homage to the symbolic meaning while bringing quality and detailed manufacturing expertise to this product.

Cupolas are small structures built on top of a roof, often used as a lookout or to admit light and remove stale air. The word originates from Italy, expressing the idea of a “small tub.” This ornamental masterpiece will crown your roof and turn any structure into a palace.

Downspout Elbows
An Elbow is a fitting that is shaped like an elbow, allowing water to flow in a curve. Also referred to as an “ell,” it is designed to use with a: pipe, tubing, conduit, or duct.

Finials and Spires
Finials are copper structures that architecturally enhance any cupola or roof top.

Flange Tubes
Flange Tubes are water tight tubes with a flange soldered to the end. They are often used for sealing penetrations on a roof top. They are an inexpensive yet effective method to drain water through a flat roof and into an interior plumbing or gutter system.

A flashing is a thin impervious material placed in the mortar joints and through air spaces in masonry to provide water drainage and prevent water penetration. Manufacturing methods allow us to produce specific color tones to meet your specifications.

Flat Metal Sheets
A Sheet is a flat metal piece used for a variety of sheet metal forming.

Flat Roof Ventilators
A Roof Vent comprises a louver or small dome mounted near the ridge of the roof to allow the passage of air through the attic, filtering fresh air into the interior, while cycling stale air to the exterior.

Full Louver Dormers
A Dormer is a space which protrudes from the roof, creating a vertical wall suitable for windows or other openings.

Gutter Rain Chains
Gutter Rain Chains are an architecturally arresting and yet and still functional alternative to traditional downspout designs. These chains guide the rain down the chains in an open stream, like a manmade waterfall for the home.

A Gutter is a light gauge channel member that is connected at the eave, valley, or parapet of a roof. It is designed to carry water from the roof to the downspout or drain. Our gutter variety and accompanying accessories are among the most celebrated and durable in the industry.

Leader Heads or Conductor Heads
A leader head/conductor head comprises an ornamental catch-basin that is located at the top of some leaders/downspouts and serves as a conduit.

Leaders or Downspouts
A Leader/Downspout is a conduit that carries water downward from a gutter, scupper, drop outlet, or other drainage unit to the ground level. This component part is an integral spoke in the wheel of a well-drained roof.

Metal Roof Panels
A Roof Panel is designed to resist the passage of water at laps and other joints, since sealant or anti-capillary designs can be used in the seams. Structural metal panel roof systems possess strength characteristics that allow them to span supporting members.

Metal Wall Panels
A wall panel is a covering for a wall or roof, serving both decorative and functional purposes. Metal wall panels provide a metal skin for the interior of an otherwise insulated system, also providing a cavity for the insulation to boot.

Pitch Pockets
A pitch pocket is a flanged piece of flashing material, usually formed of sheet metal that is placed around irregularly shaped roof penetrations. It is filled with grout and a pourable sealer to help keep out water even when vibration is present.

Post Cap Finials
Post Cap Finials add a decorative element to your home. Whether picking from one of your uniquely engineered design to your own custom fabrication, Post Caps Finials add an ornamental touch to everything from signs and mailboxes to decks, fences, porches, and railings.

Register Air Grilles
Decorative Air Grilles permit the passage of heated or cooled air into an interior space usually from an internal cooling and heating system. B&B’s line up of Air Grilles is among the best and most prominent styled pieces with special attention to optimizing functionality and working in tandem with nearly any system on the market.

Ridge Caps or Hip Caps
A Ridge Cap is a continuous metal structure that is designed to cover the ridge or hip of a roof. Our Ridge Caps are available in a multitude of sizes and material styles to best suit your requirements and desires.

Roof Hatches
Our Roof Hatches are created to provide typical roof access for personnel, but are especially useful for large openings where equipment or material is required to be moved in or out through the roof. Whether for safety or practical reasons, we can custom spin any style to suit your need and budget.

Scrap Metal Fabrication
Our revolutionary scrap metal fabrication section is fully guaranteed to SAVE you money!

Scuppers or Eave Boxes
A Scupper is an opening, usually faced with metal flashing, for drainage through a wall, curb, parapet, or facade. It is designed to direct the flow of water out through the face of the gutter rather than through a downspout.

Chimney Caps
Skylights are relatively horizontal glazed roof-apertures responsible for the admission of daylight and to assist in controlling the accumulation of moisture.

Smokestacks can be used in either commercial or residential building applications. Either which way, the industrious if not chic look they create is only bettered by their ability to efficiently and effectively remove smoke from the structure without clogging or creating a mess.

Steeples are tall tower-like structures high on top of a building, often capped off by a decorative and ornamental spire. All of our steeples can be mixed and matched with any and many of our corresponding designs that help to embellish in tandem as they create your design motif.

Wall Louver Vents
A Louver comprises a series of baffles that permit ventilation but can also stop rain, sunlight or vision.

Window or Door Pediments
Window/Door Pediments trace back to architectural history. In classical architecture, the triangular pediment was a defining element of the style, and can be seen in both grand portico’s and subtle interiors alike. Today, the classic pediment maintains its appeal as a traditional addition to windows and doors, to add a nice appeal and capping look to enhance the aesthetic.